Have a Good Day, Barbara Tong

how to get involved

Participation in newplatform.art gives organisations the opportunity to support exciting early-career artists and play a fundamental role in their professional development. Additionally, staff and clients will enjoy a vibrant, rotating art collection and a relationship with exhibiting artists, which for many, will serve as a unique introduction to the visual arts.

Whether you are a SME or multi-national corporation wanting to support the next generation of artists in a creative and practical way, newplatform.art will work with you and support you in developing a new corporate social responsibility (CSR) arts programme or designing one that would complement an existing art programme.

Our trustees are very happy to meet you on a no-commitment basis, to find out about your organisation and any existing art or CSR programme, to look at available display space within your office and offer advice on how the programme might work for your organisation.

Similarly, if you teach in an art school and would like to offer this opportunity to your students, please contact us.

Currently, we are unable to work directly with individual art graduates.  If you are currently attending art school and would like to take part, please ask your tutor to contact us.