what is newplatform.art?

newplatform.art is a charity which supports artists at an early stage of their career by providing grants, education and opportunities to develop their skills, building on what they have learnt at art school to provide skills and funds for necessities to reduce the likelihood of unemployment. This is partially funded by its trading company providing commercial organisations with vibrant changing artwork from emerging artists.  This provides an ideal corporate social responsibility (CSR) opportunity for those organisations to nurture new creative talent, support artists from a diverse range of backgrounds and at the same time providing both staff and client engagement.

The scheme benefits emerging artists and allows commercial organisations and their clients to develop cross sector relationships and encourages a knowledge exchange between the corporate and creative worlds.

The overall aims of newplatform.art are to:

  • reduce poverty in early stage artists by providing grants to cover basic necessities;
  • provide education through seminars, workshops and mentoring to artists, to support them as their careers develop with the aim of ensuring that they have the skills to avoid unemployment or poverty;
  • advance the arts by supporting visual artists who have been assessed as having a high level of skill and to promote the arts throughout England and Wales;
  • develop the capacity and skills of members of the economically disadvantaged visual arts community in England and Wales in such a way that they are better able to identify, and help meet, their needs and to participate more fully in society.

newplatform.art is in the process of being registered as a charity with the Charity Commission for England and Wales.

The Passing Wave, Emily Motto; Clyde & Co Blank Canvas Commission 2014

what is the need

The Higher Education Statistics Agency statistics for in 2016 reveal that 64,115 students graduated from higher education in the creatives arts and design field. Whilst many will move into further education and into arts related jobs, a significant number have the ambition to become independent self sustaining artists. Emerging artists, having recently left art school, are struggling to make their way in the art world. Having focussed on their development as artists at art school, they often need help to learn business and other skills to enable them to make their way in the world and to avoid being unfairly exploited.

newplatform.art funds emerging artists with small grants and, through its trading company, creates opportunities for commercial organisations to display the artists’ work and to contribute essential business skills, to enable them to survive as practicing artists.

newplatform.art scales up a programme which won the 2016 International Corporate Art Awards sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Culture & LUISS Business School.

Not For Love Nor Money, Conall McAteer; Clyde & Co Blank Canvas Commission 2012